Night Shadow Women's Fit Base Layer Pant - Boot Top

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Inventory remaining for this product:

  • 6 (<5' Tall) : 10 left
  • 8 (5'-5'2") : 16 left
  • 10 (5'3" - 5'4") : 16 left
  • 12 (5'5"- 5'7") : 17 left
  • 14 (5'8"-5'10") : 15 left
  • 16 (5'11 and up) : 6 left

: adult base layer, adult thermals

New for 2017-18 is a women's specific base layer line. I'm really proud of how these turned out and Catrien did a great job, modelling them. Catrien is wearing the size 14 as is 5'10" for her longer legs, with the fit still being great around her waist. The stretch in the waist band means you can go up or down a size depending on whether you prefer a long fit or short for skiing and having them as a boot top pair of base layers.


These sizes are based on leg length and not waist size, as there is more elasticity horizontally with this knit style, so length is the key to size choice. I have associated heights along with the size to assist with this choice. Please contact me if you are unsure of sizing. If you send, a picture along I can tell you right away.

This Night Shadow pant is striped in the front and solid black on the back. More images coming soon!

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