The Pay it Forward Program

At Stripes we believe community is the corner stone of happy active families and wow did our community surround us with love and support in the most amazing ways this year. Following the huge amount support offered to our family this year during a really difficult time, we would love to start paying it forward, whenever possible.

The Pay It Forward Program is a hassle free fundraising program for any group who would like to participate, whether it be adaptive clubs, pre-schools or teams.

How Does it Work?

Each club or group is issued a unique code that when used in the checkout, will give the user 10% off and 10% will be donated to that club or group.

What Does the Club receive to help K.I.S.S .....Keep it Simple Stripes?

I will issue the code and provide you with a custom graphic to attach or upload as you need. The Custom graphic will provide all of the details you need to help your club make some money. This is an example of what I can issue for circulation.

New this year when you submit your address, your club or school will receive some postcards to hand out to your parents, members or students.
(FYI- I never sell or otherwise use this information.. NEVER!)

How does your club/group receive payment?

At the end of each month I send an e-transfer to the club representative for the accumulated amount earned.

Complete the Form Below to Get Started and you will receive your code within 48 hours.

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