The Pay it Forward Program

Welcome to the Stripes gear "Pay it Forward" Program.

At Stripes we believe community is the corner stone of happy active families and wow did our community surround us with love and support in the most amazing ways this year. Following the huge amount support offered to our family this year during a really difficult time, we would love to start paying it forward, whenever possible.

The Pay It Forward Program is a hassle free fundraising program for any group who would like to participate, whether it be adaptive clubs, pre-schools or teams.

This program is designed to help you raise money for your club, group or school. We give you a code and a link to use that will give the user 10% and generate 10% towards your goal.

How it Works and how we keep Track
To help us keep track and make sure you get paid on time, I am using an affiliate  App called Affiliatly. It is securely integrated into my Shopify site and your information is not sold or used for any other purpose other than to correspond about this program. You may see there logo appear from time to time during the process. They are secure and safe.

Getting Paid to the Club

If you choose Paypal as a method to receive payment it will be paid out when the total reaches $50. If the payment total does not reach $50, I will contact you to forward payment.

If you choose Bank Payment, the amount will be forwarded at the end of each month as an e-transfer.

You will have access through Affiliatly to see your sales and the contribution towards your goal, images for your marketing material and general information.

Please complete the registration form with Affiliaty and we will contact you within 24 hours to give you your code.