Meet the Campbell Crew

Base layers

Hi I'm Cassy Campbell.. and Forrest, Taylor and Owen are my awesome crew, and we own and operator Stripes gear. We are so lucky to live and play in the outdoor playground know as the Columbia Valley in South Eastern British Columbia, Canada. We spend most of our time either working, playing or just hanging outside, regardless of the temperatures. This region of Canada can go from -40C to +40C so we know how important layering and warmth can be to maintain your life outside.


About Cassy

I'm Cassy... proud mum, lucky wife and all around one grateful lady. Born and raised in Sydney Australia, I moved to Canada as a 19 year old and managed to eventually become a proud Canadian Citizen and privileged to stay ever since. Since the day I arrived in Whistler over 22 years ago, I've worn many hats and enjoyed a rich and varied lifestyle with the love and company of my best friend Forrest. We've live so many adventures in our 18 years together including the greatest adventure of all... parenthood. Owen (10) and Taylor (7) are the kindest and most amazing kids a parent could score! Busy, Cheeky, crazy, loud, energetic are just a few words you could use best describe them, but it's horribly silent when they are out.. I guess I really love the chaos that is a house full of boys.

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and not always in the form you expect. On March 15, 2015, Forrest had a ski accident broke his C6-7, leaving him quadriplegic. The following 18 months.. leading upto today, have been the most challenging in our life as we continue to learn how to adapt to our new world with a permanent injury. Soon after his crash, Forrest was keen to return to skiing and so we joined the local adaptive Ski Club at Panorama Resort, the very same hill he crashed on.. but 10 months later. It was a huge milestone.. We decided this was our way to give back and we stategized to use Stripes Gear as a platform for small group funding. He hope to help get as many folks with disabilities up skiing or kids playing hockey.. up in the mountains where the air is clear and clean and the wind in their hair..

About Forrest

Forrest Campbell was born and raised a true mountain in the Banff National Park on lookouts and fires tations, always an outdoor kid at heart. Hiking, biking and living in the parks in the earlier days, was a unique space in time that he would later come to cherish after his accident. It was an amazing place to grow up. Forrest loves his kids with no reserve and has risen to the challenges for all of his goals, both professionally and in his new life.