5 Great Activities for Fall Fun Outside

5 Great Activities for Fall Fun Outside

Welcome to to the Stripes Top 5 Series. We are all living in a fast past world and don't have a lot of time to learn new tip and tricks to make your everyday life easier. That's where I come in... 

Each week I will try to offer 5 small ways to help make your life easier in doors and out..

This week I want to offer some great ways to get the kids outside and enjoy the last remaining snow free days.. well where we live anyway..

1. Easy Riding.

A simple 20-30 minute ride could be all it takes to shake the figdets out of everyone. It doesn't have to be hard or long.. maybe just to the mail box and back, but getting some fresh air even if it's grey out seems to work wonders for my boys. Here is a link to some great trails in our local area, courtesy of the Columbia Valley Cycling Society.

2. Go Fly a Kite......

With Fall can come the wind. It's a great time to do some creative tinkering. Either pull the kite out of the closet or if you're feeling adventurous.. why not try and make one..
This is likely to require some help from the adults to begin with, but let them see how far they can get without help.. they may surprise you. Here is great link with step-by-step instructions.

3. Bug Hunting

Start your search by looking around flowers, bushes or at the base of trees. Turning over small or medium sized rocks, you will usually be able to find some bugs. Once you have found a bug, place some clean dirt in the bottom of the container and pick him up with the spoon or tweezers. Place him carefully in your container. Now you can examine the bug through the container and using the magnifying glass. Once you are finished examining the bug, you can keep him for a day or two and then put him back in the garden.


4. GeoCaching

If you have older children and a hand-held GPS device, try geocaching. Fall is the perfect time for this because it gives the whole family an opportunity to take a look at changing leaf colors while you hunt for the cache.
To take part in the cache hunt, visit the geocaching site to find the coordinates to a cache in your area. Program your GPS and set off. Don't forget to bring a trinket to leave behind you when you find the treasure. 

5. Trampolining Leaf Monkey...

Leaves are free and everywhere this time of year in our neck of the woods, making huge piles to jump in are a staple activity this time of year. Check the leaves for any big sticks of course and half the fun is finding a creative way to get them up onto the trampoline.. Buckets.. shovels .. Tonka trucks and ramps...it may even require some team work.. can they pull it off together? I don't recommend they wear their favourite clothes, but you already knew that! 


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