Stripes Gear.... It's About Community

Stripes Gear.... It's About Community

This year has seen alot of change for the Stripes family including accessibility renovations at home, Stem Cell Journey to Thailand and adjusting to our new life as an adapted family.

Personally, I was really challenged as a mum, a wife, a business owner and a friend. Something felt like it had to give, which I'm sure most people can relate to.. I was starting to doubt my ability to take Stripes to the level I felt it deserved. Realising that Stripes was needing more love than I could give it with my change in circumstances, I had to shift gears. It was time to get the help I needed to reach my goals. Enter... Andrew Zwicker,  from Rossland BC. His monumental task is to help me get the word out about Stripes Gear to the mainstream public using his special brand of magic. Andrew is really helping me see the true value and worth of Stripes and how to help educate folks on the real reasons that Stripes is so essential to happy outdoor lives.

Stripes Gear FamilyLast year, while we dealt with our family crisis, I felt like I let my Stripes dream slide a little and it bothered me to no end! I am not a quitter or a half glass full kinda person and I'm all about solutions not problems. So, once the dust settled, it was time to bring in my A game! I've been busily making new packaging, labels, podcasts and PR pieces to help get Stripes out there.

But that wasn't enough it seemed... something was missing. After all of the generous support we received as a family, it was vital we started to give back to our community and find our place in our new world of adaptive sports. Last winter was our first experience with our local Adaptive Ski Club, PASS. (Panorama Adaptive Sports Society) and it was life changing to us. But we noticed how poorly funded they are, and fundraising takes valuable time away from being out with the participants. This crazy accident has somehow given new purpose to this great little business. Stripes Gear has now introduced the Warm on the Inside and Out Program. Any adaptive club or sport group who would like to apply for a special code that will give people 10% off and 10% to their club or group.

PASS SkiingThe Pay it Forward Program, means hassle free fundraising for any group who would like to participate, whether it be adaptive clubs, pre-schools or teams. They give out a code and we do all the work. We ship and handle the goods directly to customer after they enter the code online at If you belong to a club, team or school that needs some extra funding contact us to find out more...



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