Stripes Gear is back and seeking new retailers, but I need your help!

Let's start with some introductions.
My name is Cassy Campbell. I am the owner/CEO/Sales team and single body behind the brand that is Stripes Gear. Located in Beautiful Invermere BC... Forrest, Owen, Taylor and I call the most beautiful place on earth... the Columbia Valley... our home. With outdoor sports being the cornerstone of this little mountain towns culture, we came across this opportunity that was begging for our energy. Stripes... A New Zealand made, polypropylene base layers system that was fun, funky and affordable was perfect for the life our family lived.  After a brief.. no-brainer waiting period, we jumped in the deep end and bought Stripes Gear from a family in Revelstoke BC. With web design, ski retail and operations as a background and kids in the thick of using these base layers for 10 months of the year, we launched into this amazing business.

But fate had other plans for us. On March 15, 2015 the Stripes dad, Forrest had a near-fatal ski accident that would bring our life to a grinding holt. Forrest sustained a broken neck at the C6-7 level, resulting in a spinal cord injury and paralysis. After 4 months in The Foothills hospital that was 3 hours away, we came home to a different life.. one that required some life altering adjustments. My immediate concerns centered on my children and my husband at a time when we faced a lot of uncertainty. Stripes Gear had to to take a back seat for the time being.. it was difficult to do, but necessary.

was living in a bit of a daze just trying to keep grounded in a chaotic moment in our life.. so I had missed my ordering season. I needed to make the decision to keep Stripes Gear in a holding pattern while I re-grouped. My decision.. in the end...was to limit myself just to online sales and a small pop-up store in my home town of Invermere. Our community, both locally, online and from Australia... supported us in so many ways, from making us dinners, to holding fundraisers, to donating time or materials to our accessibility addition. To see the full extent of our journey you can visit

What now!? My little company
that I had planned to grow over a 5 year period was now the family business that would need to support us financially and spiritually. When times were overwhelming... having Stripes in my periphery was vitally important to my sanity and kept me focused on what I now know  I am capable of achieving through this gift  we've stumbled across.. Stripes Gear is so much more than just a base layer company to us.. it keeps us moving forward.. as a family, as a couple, as a community. 

We are a family with lofty goals!
Some might say we are little driven.. some might say we are expecting a miracle, but we are working our collective butts off to get Forrest walking again. While we take nothing in his recovery for granted, every day is a gift....we have high expectations for his functional returns through hard work and positivity. So, When I see how hard he works to learn to walk again with his amazing attitude, I'm more determined than ever and inspired to work just as hard at everything I apply myself to in life. I will make Stripes Gear great, in spite of what fate had planned for us.. maybe this was fate too!

The time has come for us to move forward, with Stripes.. with Life... With our future. But I won't lie... I'm going to need some help! I need to get as many retailers as I can to fall in love with and carry Stripes Gear in their stores, across Canada and the USA, heck the world! Will you help me spread the word? If you love Stripes, share the love and help me make this the best base layer company in Canada.

If you know a great retailer that would be perfect fit for Stripes in your area, please let them know about us! My order for my manufacturer in New Zealand has a July 15, 2016 deadline, so time is running out! Please have them contact me at 250.688.1706 or

Why Stripes Gear?
Stripes Gear is a fair trade, itch-free and affordable base layers that feels soft to the touch. We are a Canadian owned and operated biz with our gear produced in the South Island of New Zealand. Here is the technical information if you need it..



Thank you for helping a small Canadian family company become a household name one day!